Jinglar & filmmusik

En av ett dussin jinglar som jag gjorde i tidernas begynnelse åt Rockdepartementet i P3… bara för att Marianne (Grejp) & Erik (Blix) var så bra. 😉

Bleeding Fingers Contest – Northern Light
I used Hans Zimmers percussion, the lead vox, plus a wee bit of the choir, and string stems. I thought the lead voice part reminded me a lot of the songs from the northern parts of Norway and Sweden (where I live), so I thought the title would suit my track quite well. I added a few guitars (acoustic and electric), a piano theme, a couple of synth pads, plus some more choir to spice it up. Well… I couldn’t stop myself from adding a couple of harmony vocals to the lead vox, while at it. Hope you like it!